I do not have military background, as a civilian I do owe a great debt to the men and women that risk their lives and bodies to serve our Country. I have had the privilege and honor of working with many of our Veterans and offering yoga to Vets is a very small way to say “thank you” for their service and to support them on their return home.


When we experience trauma, our brain changes. Trauma can be any experience where we are in danger or threatened or experience something we wish to escape and cannot. When we are powerless to act or change the event, our body reacts by “high jacking” us long after the traumatic event has occurred. Often referred to as PTSD. This can result in sleeplessness, nightmares, anxiety attacks, rapid short breathing, hyper vigilance, being dissociated from one╩╝s body and making it very difficult to feel at ease in the world.


Yoga is showing great promise in being an effective adjunct therapy to trauma. This past year I earned my certificate from the Trauma Center at JRI to teach Trauma Sensitive Yoga. Since the completion of my training, I have taught numerous classes to Veterans. In my own experience in working with them, many have anecdotally reported an increased ability to monitor their level of body awareness, decreased arousal and vigilance and improved general well being. Some of them have been able to fall asleep in class, which is encouraged and supported when it happens.


The beauty of Trauma Sensitive Yoga is that empowers the participant, helps the brain to begin to heal itself and provides an avenue to befriend the body in a supportive and encouraging way.


I believe in this work and I have seen it make a difference. From my own experience I can say yoga heals. If you are interested in attending a free TSY class for Veterans, please contact me at or at 517.614.2882


TSY for Veterans Saturdays at 10:00 AM-11:15 AM

4125 Okemos Michigan, 48864