Put Some Yoga in Your Ride


If a horse can feel a fly land on itʼs back, just imagine what our stress, repressed emotion and stiff bodies tell it? A lot of what we can carry into the saddle we are not aware of. Riding requires us to be in the present moment, that is where our horses live all of the time and difficulties and frustrations arise when we abandon our horses while we worry about past rides or future rides.


Putting Some yoga in your Ride is an opportunity to take your ride, your horse and yourself to a whole new place. Using yoga tools such as breath work, postures, yoga principles and meditation we can connect to our self and our horse in a deeper and spiritual way.


Whether working out your “show ring” jitters, looking for new ways to work on your horsey relationship or just curious. This is a fun and helpful riding workshop for equestrians.


Let me tailor a yoga workshop for your riding friends or stable. No prior yoga experience necessary. I can offer a session from 2 hours to days.


Next Workshop January 12, 2013 12:00PM-4:00PM Cost is $25.00