The beginning yoga class is for students that are new to yoga or have not found themselves on a yoga mat in a long time. Pranyama (breathing), Asana (yoga postures), meditation (Dhyana). All postures are modified as appropriate, the focus being on the student finding their yoga practice and growing their practice in a supportive and fun environment. Focus is on alignment and basic postures, with some gentle inversions.  Meditations are guided and a variety of yoga principles are introduced.



Gentle yoga is designed for individuals that would like an opportunity to begin a yoga practice but due to physical fitness level, ability to get easily on and off the floor or have a chronic condition that might limit them during some of the other yoga classes being offered. The eight limbs of yoga are explored with more focus on the Yama (thoughts), Niyama (actions), Pranyama (breathing).  Yoga postures (Asanas) are practiced in a chair if necessary or on the floor. Blocks and Yoga Straps as well as bolsters are incorporated as necessary. Gentle yoga is a restorative type of group practice where we cultivate the “still” Yogi and Yogini.  This class focuses deeply on the meditative, spiritual and quiet healing benefits of yoga by allowing students the opportunity to just “be”.



Intense yoga is designed for students that have been practicing yoga for awhile and are currently accessing arm balances and inversions during Asana practice. Many of the Asana sequences are flowing and interspersed with “holding” some postures for longer periods of time. More intense Pranyama and Dhyana (meditation) is practiced during this class. Focus is on building a strong individual practice incorporating all 8 limbs of yoga.   This practice is physically more challenging, however students are always encouraged to listen to their body and honor their “inner” yogi.



Kripalu Yoga Dance

Kripalu Yoga Dance is a class in movement, breathing, playing in our energy centers, (Chakra system) and is a way to exercise the body and spirit. Using music, props, mini- visualizations and some guided movement, Kripalu Yoga Dance becomes a beautiful individual meditation in motion. It can be as physical or gentle as each dancer feels appropriate for their body and current state of being. This class is an opportunity to experience your body and soul. Your dance is as unique as you are and the benefits of expressing are countless.

This practice is a spirit shaking and enhancing dance. There is a reason that dance has been part of our human expression through the centuries. It feels good! Itʼs sacred, powerful and itʼs our human right to be able to express it in an unbound and unapologetic joy. The first time I visited a Kripalu Dance Class, I shyly walked into the daily noon session. I left with a smile on my face, a lump in my throat and vowed to learn more. KYD is not an aerobic class, but it can be. You do not need to be fit, only present. There are no “dance moves” to learn. Everyoneʼs spirit loves to dance; therefore everyone is a natural dancer. Using a wide variety of music, dancers are supported in an environment that encourages expression, emotion, self discovery and joy. It is as vigorous or gentle as your body requires, and anyone can do it.