Creating With Your Inherent Artist 


Located in quiet rural countryside, housed in a serene studio, supported by a small painting group, nourishing food, energized by yoga, dance and painting... changed by the experience. 


Imagine an immersion into your own deep “knowing” and no verbal expression, what treasures would you find in those depths? Using, tempera paints, gentle yoga and dance the journey unfolds. We each have an artist, yogi, dancer and healer inside of us. "Creating With Your Inherent Artist" is an opportunity to rekindle the relationship to the Divine, within us and around us.


This workshop is a perfect opportunity to unleash your creative spirit and reconnect with your inner power and wisdom. Past participants have described it as “life changing”, “uplifting”, “rut busting”, “spiritually inspiring” and “nurturing”. If you are in need of renewal, dealing with difficult circumstances in your life or just want a chance to explore your creativity and create a cool painting, come join me for this fun and soul nurturing retreat.


A transformational and healing workshop. No painting, yoga or dance experience necessary. All meals are included, wholesome, organic and even at times gourmet! Art materials are provided for your use.All you need to do is show up with a willing heart.


What past participants say about the experience:

-"Transformational and revealing, utterly peaceful and nourishing. A weekend for ME of introspection, taking healthy risks and many surprises,

-"I showed up the first night with much grief, tension and looking for a message, a sign, hope and a peace of mind. I truly feel wonderful 2 days later"- Monique

-"The dance, the yoga, the paining, the food, and the company melded together to create a spiritual experience that touched my soul in a way that it has not been touched in a long time." -Caryn


Workshop Schedule

  • Workshop begins Friday February 28th at 5:30 pm  with an opening ceremony, dance, painting and gourmet dinner
  • Group reconvenes Saturday March 1st at 8:30 AM with yoga, energizing breakfast then painting. 
  • 12pm lunch break with optional hiking or meditation. Painting all afternoon with a dance break, more painting, then organic prepared dinner. Painting and wrap up by 9:30 pm.
  • Regroup Sunday March 2nd at 8:30 AM with yoga, breakfast, then more painting. We'll have a lunch break, painting, dance and closing ceremony. Workshop ends approximately 5PM.


What to Bring?

  • Wear or bring comfortable layers of cloths.
  • A water bottle, tea, water, coffee, all meals and some snacks are included
  • Yoga mata and equipment are furnished, however you are welcomed to bring your own.
  • If you have your own brushes you are welcomed to bring them, however all painting materials for the workshop are provided.
  • Bring a journal so you can jot down ideas and experiences during the weekend.


Other Amenities

  • We have over 40 acres of land, ponds, woods and pine groves to hike and explore. Bring walking shoes and take advantage of getting out into nature.
  • We have a sauna and a hot tub available for use. Consider bringing a couple of towels and a bathing suit.
  • There will be dormitory style sleeping arrangements provided if you wish to stay for the weekend. Private rooms are available at extra cost. 


Cost and Registration

  • Cost of the Workshop is $199. A $50 non-refundable registration fee is required.
  • There is one private room with a queen sized bed available for $35 and a private room with a twin size bed for $20.


Contact Sonja for more information and to register at (517) 614-2882 or at



This workshop is full of ways to nourish and support your journey. What better way to nourish than with delicious nutrishious meals! 


This artist oppted to share her painting journey and her experience with the Creating with Your Inherant Artist Workshop.


"There were times during the workshop I loved my painting, I thought it was ready to be done and hung up on a wall, but this workshop isn't about a painting for the wall, it is about the journey of the painting. When I continued to paint, even though it hurt a little to let go of what I created and thought was finished, my painting would transform and speak to me a story that I wasn't looking for, but needed to see and feel. Sonja creates a safe place to allow yourself to feel vulnerable to go through the motions. It's been a couple of weeks since I attended and I continue to see new things in my painting that speak to me and guide me."-An Enlightened Artist