Detox, why detox? To give your body a reset and support it in itʼs natural process to cleanse. There are several different types and kinds of detox programs and ways to do a detox. You donʼt have to drink gallons vinegar water concoction or find a sweat lodge, just making some simple changes can be a great start and a mini detox.


Trying a detox for the first time can be overwhelming and a little scary, I like to approach a detox the same way I approach my yoga practice. Checking in with my body, looking at what can be done without forcing and allow all parts of my being to be “detoxed”. It also means viewing ourself and the experience with compassion.


In this workshop we will explore some detox options, how to prepare for a detox and most importantly how to get the most out of the experience. Whether you are curious, want the glowing skin and sense of well being and a chance to jump into better health habits this workshop is a great place to start.